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Tim King's Largest Buck Ohio

Nick Smith 2013  12/19/13 Author Nick Smith writes:


I wanted to tell you that both me and my dad had a great time, as you know it wasn’t fully about the hunt as much as it was that I got to spend time with my dad….we where very satisfied with the hunt….the FOOD was great that your wife made for dinner.  It was also nice to stay in a lodge that was close to the land that we were hunting.  I was very happy that I got a chance to harvest a nice 8 point (BUD BUCK).  I can’t wait to get the head back, it’s going to look cool on my wall…(my wife doesn’t think so, but I do!)  This was the hunt of a lifetime….BIG THANKS !!


02/02/2013 Author Jerry Dunham writes:Jerry Dunham Buck

Hi Tim,

We just wanted to let you know how much we all enjoyed hunting the late season of muzzle loader with you and your guides.  Everyone was great, and we couldn’t get over all the deer/bucks we saw.  A great bonus for me taking a dandy buck myself.  Thank you again and we look forward to hunting with you again.  Jerry D., Gary and Jeremy


10/15/12 Excerpt from Prostaffer for HuntWorth Philip Brenckle writes:

Philip Brenckle’s Whitetail Kings Ohio Outfitters Hunt Recap:   Despite some really tough weather conditions and a huge acorn crop limiting early season deer movement, we did have several encounters with some big Guernsey County Ohio bucks.  Unfortunately, despite Guide Tim King’s best efforts we weren’t able to get one down on the ground….I want to thank Tim King for a great first class OHIO hunting experience.


November Archery Rut Hunt – Tim Cowan writes:

I’ve been on whitetail hunts into the far northwest regions of Alberta, the highest peaks of Colorado, the great plains of Illinois and the exotic island of Anticosti.  I have learned to hunt Pennsylvania since I was 12.  Whitetail Hunting in the great state of Ohio, with Tim King of Whitetail Kings Ohio Outfitters, can hold its own with any that I have experienced.  The rut was on, the deer were moving and strategic hunter placement was superb.  Shooting a giant whitetail, up close and personal, while in its fullest peak of his rut, is an experience that few hunters really get to experience.  Whitetail King Ohio Outfitters can fulfill that quest on the properties they hunt, with the staff that they provide with the experience they bring to the table.

Thank you Tim for the awesome hospitality, the great stories, good food, (thank you Tim’s wife) and wonderful accommodations.  When I select a hunt, especially a rut hunt, my goal is to hunt, not camp like a boy scout, not cook and clean dishes, (although it is nice when everyone chips in on the dish cleaning) not drive around all day wondering where to hunt, but to HUNT.  This is what you get when you hunt with Tim King – Whitetail Kings Ohio Outfitters.

Thanks again Tim, see you in the fall.

Tim C.